Grow Groups

These groups are designed to get to know other members better and bring friends into smaller settings to more deeply study the Word. Grow Groups typically meet in the homes of church members. Some may include meals in addition to fellowship and bible study. Speak with a church member if you are interested in joining a Grow Group.

Wednesday Night Suppers

Wednesday Night Suppers are a great time to get to know our church family even better! These suppers grant you a night off from cooking as well as giving you time to fellowship. Meals will either be cooked by a small group of church members (if you are interested in cooking a meal one week, please let the office know) or will be “potluck” style (each family contributes an entree or side to share with everyone). *Wednesday Night Suppers are seasonal, typically September thru May. Please see your bulletin for specific information on Wednesday Night Suppers.

Adult Bible Study

Andrew UMC offers various adult bible study options throughout the year and all of them are an opportunity to Grow with God, Grow with Others, and Grow in Service. Check with the bulletin or front office for information on current and upcoming adult bible studies.