Pastor Jim W. (Jimbo) Dominey was appointed to Andrew in June of 2012. The church was in survival mode and looking for direction from a new leader. The leadership of the church met with Pastor Jim for many weeks as we discussed the past and prepared for the future. Along with the Word of God we read books on church growth and discipleship, namely “Simple Church – Returning to God’s Process for Making Disciples” by Rainer and Geiger, and “Start This & Stop That” by Jim and Jennifer Cowart. As we met together, prayed and discussed these books we were guided by the Lord to a new, simple, purpose and plan.

Based on the Great Commandments (Matt. 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) we understand that we are to grow in our love for God and others as we make disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, our simple purpose and plan is to Grow With God, Grow With Others, Grow in Service. We invite everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from or what they look like to come Grow With Us.

We intend to keep the process of growth simple by not having dozens of programs that require people to spend long hours in church meetings. Our biggest event is the Sunday morning worship service. Andrew is an informal, “laid back” kind of church where people don’t have to dress up to attend. The celebration room, or the place we meet for worship is not a sanctuary with tall stained-glass windows or huge organs pipes. The room does not have a big, lofty, wooden pulpit the pastor looks down from as he preaches. There is a stage with altar table, chairs for the choir and instruments, sound equipment and microphones for the worship band. We sing hymns and praise choruses throughout the service to

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A major component in helping us grow is the small group meeting. We call our small groups Grow Groups and most of them meet in the homes of members who volunteer as hosts and are lead by a trained facilitator. These groups are vital to the purpose and plan (mission) of the church in making disciples and growing with God, others and in service. The Grow Groups provide membership care as people support and encourage one another. The Grow Groups also provide opportunities for meaningful outreach and service.

We currently have Wednesday night activities that are the biggest draw for children’s, youth ministries and adult choir rehearsals. A delicious meal is provided at a very low cost (families can not get a better, less expensive meal) for all.